Lynda is an incredible landscape and animal portrait artist living in Dronfield. She has won awards for her artwork including the coveted Pastel Artist of the Year award.


James lives and works in Sheffield as a designer, artist and illustrator. After graduating university with a bachelor's degree in Manchester he worked as a graphic designer for 7 years before moving to Sheffield and starting his own design company in 2017. James splits his time between running his design business and creating art in his home studio. His current illustration work has largely been inspired by Sheffield and the surrounding areas and captures the beauty of urban and industrial landscapes.

For commissions please use the contact details below.

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I’m Andy J Gill a photographer living and working in the Peak District National Park. The Peak District is an amazing place to be based as a photographer. It has breathtaking landscapes, ever changing weather conditions, and spectacular light gives incredible mood and contrasting outlook every time you visit a location.

I love to take you on a journey through my photography, whether this means a beautiful sunset, landscape, or a dramatic depiction of a historical building. I’m constantly looking for a different perspective, angle or feel to tell that particular story.

I have a passion for travel, with the Highlands of Scotland a big part of my photographic journey. Scotland is an incredible place, and a photographers dream. It has everything from epic vast mountain ranges, rivers, seascapes, and wildlife in abundance.

I hope you enjoy my take on all these, and many more place I’ll visit on my photography journey, and you’re welcome to join me along the way.

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Living and working in Dronfield, Esmay creates beautiful, handpainted vases in a wide range of styles to suit all tastes.